‘Teaching History’ Workshop – IAPH – Limerick, 6 December 2018

IAPH posterI’m delighted to be speaking at the Irish Association of Professional Historian’s ‘Teaching History’ Workshop which will be held at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick on 6 December 2018. Continue reading

St Martin’s Eve – the story of a Chicken


The yard in Swords

The 11th of November is the Feast of St Martin. On St Martin’s Eve or the night of the feast itself it was traditional in many parts of Ireland (particularly along the west coast) to kill a cock or a goose or a duck and sprinkle the blood in all four corners of the kitchen, across the threshold and around the yard to protect the house and land from evil. The fowl (usually a chicken) was then cooked and eaten. The scattering of blood and the meal in honour of St Martin was said to ward off evil for the year. Continue reading

A Toilet Trip: Courthouse, Cells, Coffee, Toilets!


St Albans Town Hall, c.1911

I visited St Albans in Hertfordshire this week. It’s a very attractive small city with a superb Cathedral. I did a very quick run around the Cathedral, but the real purpose of my trip was to visit some toilets. Continue reading