The ESB, the Museum & a Fast Buck

The ESB has decided that destroying a terrace of Georgian Houses in Dublin in the 1960s isn’t sufficient. Now the company wants to close ‘Number Twenty Nine’, the museum the opened in 1991 as as insufficient apology for the destruction of the historic fabric as the city. They want to convert the museum into three apartments.

I wrote an opinion piece about why this would be a very bad development. You can read the full article here:

3 thoughts on “The ESB, the Museum & a Fast Buck

  1. That is a brilliant piece you link to on the RTE site Gillian, and i could not agree more with your observations and your objections there. I had not actually focused sufficiently on this issue as i was so involved in m weekly art tlaks. But now i read your analysis I can see immediately, from muy own knowledge here that you are entirely right. Far more needs to be done to rescue city centre sites and buildings from dereliction and neglect, by CPO if necessary, and transform them into, or bring them back into use, as family homes.

    PS: I’ve shared your piece, both re-bloging here on WP and shared also on Twitter and Fb.
    Hopefully we can stir up enough outrage, to stop this piece of self-serving hypocrisy in its tracks.
    very best wishes- Arran.

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    • Thanks Arran, I really hope that the ESB are not given approval by DCC to turn more profit from a site that they’ve done their best to destroy. They are a hugely profitable company (and one that really ought to give something back to the city given that they vandalised much of the historic built environment). I was really disappointed today to see that the retired director of the National Museum thinks the museum should be closed – for a series of entirely unfathomable reasons. I hope he is entirely ignored! Hope things are going as well as they can be in the middle of a pandemic. I’m sure not being able to get out and do tours in person is very frustrating at the moment. Best wishes, Gillian

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